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Tax Justice

Most African countries are failing to collect enough tax to finance developmental projects and investments. Tax is an essential part of a good governance as it raises revenues for public spending in food, healthcare, shelter, provide quality public services, for example, health, education, economic development stimulus, maintaining institutions and governance structures. It is essential for redistribution of wealth, for representation and for changing behaviour of individuals and companies. GLAFAD will encourage governments in Africa to pursue progressive tax policies as opposed to regressive tax regimes and also in the call for reform of global tax rules. The fight for tax justice is not just a national issue but can be won collectively if the world addresses this united as the international corporate taxation system is obsolete and unfair, as it allows for systematic tax evasion and avoidance by multinationals. The widely existence of tax havens offering financial secrecy and low or zero tax rates complicates the global system resulting in illicit financial flows that harm domestic resource mobilisation efforts.

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