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Private Sector Engagement

The Fourth High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness of 2011 in Busan marked an important turning point in formally recognising the key contribution that the private sector and other non-official partners could make in addressing key developmental challenges, on the basis of shared goals and principles but differential commitment. The role of the private sector as an increasingly important source of financing for development was also more recently recognised at the UN’s Financing for Development Conference held in Addis Ababa in July 2015. Private Sector Engagement refers to the interest of donors and others to work more strategically and systematically with business in delivering development outcomes. This means that the role of the state in delivering services in now being leased to private players. Private Sector Development focuses on stimulating the private sector to generate more economic opportunities for the poor. private sector engagement in development’ i.e. the many other ways business can engage in the development process. GLAFAD will involve private sector in finding solutions to development challenges. We will work towards aligning national and local plans for future private sector engagement with the SDGs

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