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Extractive Industries

African Development Bank Group estimates 30% of the world’s mineral reserves to be in Africa. Mining and oil accounts for 28% of the continent’s GDP. Africa’s fish exports are valued at US$3 billion annually. The continent has 40% of the world’s gold, 80% of the world’s platinum and 90% of the world’s chromium.12% of the worlds oil reserves are in Africa. In spite of its immense wealth, Africa’s resources are not benefitting African communities. Across Africa, case studies have revealed that extraction of minerals, forest products, oil and gas has left devastated landscapes and disillusioned communities. GLAFAD is of the view that extraction of natural resources should positively contribute to economic growth while also respecting the needs of ecosystems, biodiversity and local communities. The African Ministerial Conference on the Environment (AMCEN), the Africa Mining Indaba especially the intergovernmental summit and national mining Indabas are platforms that GLAFAD will utilise to ensure that natural resource governance issues are streamlined to development.

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