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Agriculture in Africa can contribute towards eradicating poverty and hunger, boosting intra-Africa trade and investments, rapid industrialization, economic diversification, sustainable resource and environmental management, job creation, human and food security. The agriculture sector for most economies is the largest employer as it is labour intensive. The African Unions Comprehensive African Agricultural Development Programme (CAADP) seeks to drive our continental agricultural revolution, by increasing investment in agriculture. However, many challenges are visible as a result of an underperforming agriculture sector in Africa. One in four undernourished people in the world live in Africa. Food insecurity remains an essentially rural phenomenon and, achieving agricultural development is a necessary condition for reducing food insecurity. More than half of all people living in Africa depend on agriculture for all or part of their livelihood. GLAFAD is of the view that fostering sustainable agricultural growth means improving the living conditions of one in every two Africans, the majority of whom are poor though income generation and food security. GLAFAD will work towards ensuring that governments across Africa allocates more resources in their budgets towards agriculture and link Agricultural development plans to national development plans. It will ensure that an agricultural-led development is achieved that eliminate hunger, reduces poverty and food insecurity thereby putting the continent on a higher economic growth path within an overall strategy of sustainable development and preservation of the natural resource base.

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