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Who we are

The Global Action for Africa’s Development (GLAFAD) is a Pan-African Nongovernmental organisation that creates, harnesses and applies knowledge through research, capacity building and knowledge flow to empower societies, institutions and communities for poverty reduction and development. The primary focus areas of GLAFAD are Policy Research and analysis, Knowledge Management, Governance, Capacity building and policy advocacy. The overall objective is to establish a link between knowledge generation and application in a bid to increase policy responsiveness for development and empowerment Societies, Institutions and local communities. GLAFAD focus areas therefore include:

  • Conducting research and disseminating information to close the gap between policy, planning and practice at different levels of implementation;
  • Sharing ideas on good practices, case studies, models and methods, using continental, regional, national and local platforms;
  • Actively engaging communities and groups in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating of poverty alleviation strategies and development programmes; and Facilitating the Removal of barriers to the full and equal participation of women and youth in governance and development.

At the Global level, there are powerful theoretical grounds to substantiate that there is an intrinsic linkage between good governance, reduction in conflict and sustainable socio-economic growth and development. Significant debate has taken place at global level as well as within key regional and national policy- making fora surrounding the issue of Finance for Development, Economic and Social justice, and on Good Governance. In addition, there is abundant empirical evidence to show that many of the developed nations established the necessary conditions and conducive environments that allowed the smooth move towards democratisation, peace and stability, devolvement of power, and ultimately leading to economic growth and development.

GLAFAD has an important role to play by harnessing evidence-based information to sensitize communities on issues that affects their livelihood, especially those directly relating to poverty eradication and development. In particular, the Parliamentarians as well as regional and national parliamentarians, have a critical role to play in advocacy for the domestication and ratification of international and regional instruments on good governance as well as in their oversight functions and the monitoring of the implementation of people-centered instrument and policies.

Policy Research

Our research is used primarily to generate strategic information that enable GLAFAD to undertake proactive research-based lobby and advocacy. It also seeks to enable GLAFAD to carry out lobby and advocacy campaigns that are directed at governmental forums on finance for development and development cooperation where key policies are being formulated. The research seeks to influence strategic alliances in various parts of the world in order to ensure African perspectives are integrated and reflected in their lobby and advocacy campaigns

Information Documentation

There are regular flows of information and seldom lack of up – to - date research materials and the need to develop an institutional memory, there is a need to document strategic information in a systematic and timely manner. Documentation includes re – packaging information for storage and dissemination.

An information dissemination strategy has been developed to ensure strategic information is provided to partners for prompt action, and to mobilise public opinion in order to generate public pressures on issues. Dissemination conferences, meetings and workshops, publications of print and electronic materials, and publicity campaigns are utilised.

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